This blog is a continuation from SoulsilenS – Part 1 of 3. In case you missed it.

So… 2008 was the year of my re-invention.

I was completely broke, I owed more money than I could think of. My reputation was destroyed, I had no hopes and a wished to dye.

I remember staying home alone and between tears and prayers I tried to talk to God. I was seriously desperate and really couldn’t hear Him.

One day, I don’t remember when or how, everything changed. That wild warrior inside of me woke up as if the battle was just over, and I began tracing a new plan, and a new direction.

Seriously, if you are not spiritual, skip it. But I am 100% sure that strength came from God. And my prayer was heard.

I began writing new songs, finishing old songs and assumed SoulsilenS on my own. I got all the gear left from the first album recorded in 2004, asked my father to use another room inside his house, built a studio, and started recording, and recording, and recording and recording. I ended up recording more than 20 songs.

After that, I sold all that gear and what I couldn’t sale, I exchanged for studio hours with Nardão from Bonham Stutio in the city of Osasco. We finished all the songs together. That was my second production work.

Got a job, saved money and went back to USA, broke, but with the masters of more than 20 new songs.

From here, we will see a new phase of this story.

I came back to USA and began conversation about future plans with the agents. And this time, I got No’s from them. I simply had no reputation. The fact that a World Tour was announced on such a big scale for someone never heard of, proved all the naysayers right. And nobody wanted to join a loser.

Well, to make a long story short, I started everything from scratch. Promotion, pictures, mastering, even the band. But before I talk about the band, it’s important to say that I owed a lot of money and still was unemployed. So, the first thing I should do was to get a job and get money flowing as soon as possible. And that was done.

I started announcing on community sites that SoulsilenS, the band that failed to tour, needed members. And I also showed the new songs to the agents, and again I had No’s. No’s from agents, No’s from musicians, No’s from everybody.

At that time, I was introduced to a few people, and a special one was Paris Kalamaras. From the band A Crucifying Feeling. Through Paris, I was able to connect with Keving Frank, yes Keving Frank the drummer of Silvertide, he was producing on his home-studio and I hired him to master my songs. Again, I was still broke, so commonsense allow all of us to figure how much this great guy charged me. I am still very thankful!

Along with that, a person (a crook – that’s why I won’t mention his name), introduced me Mike Tarsia, yes Mike Tarsia, the Philadelphia Sound legend. And Mike, mastered one of my new songs with an amazing state of the art home studio, and an ability that only someone with thousands of hours of experience could have.

Things were starting to move on again. But I still had no band members with me and no promo pack… nothing left.

So I began working on a new branding and got some pictures from another crook that I won’t mention the name. And this was the new message:

I was simply asking the world to quiet down around me, so I could sing.

I never stopped, not even for one second. I kept building it, and building it and building it. Looking for better connections, trying different strategies, changing what needed to be changed and living as strongly as I could.

And here it comes another crook I won’t mention the name. But he made the video I produced and created, for my new single. “Sun”. After finishing the video, he tried to charge me double of what we’d prior agreed to. Needless to say, I was devastated… no money and no video… I wasn’t going to be able to release the song.

I won’t lie that I’ve asked YOUTUBE to take that video down, but…

I want to talk a little bit about the band members, now.
I met a few people, I don’t quite remember their names. And some I really don’t want to remember.

There was a time that I simply walked out of a rehearsal and never came back.

I can say I don’t hold any hard feelings today. But at that time, I didn’t have Jesus as my way of living and I was really hurt. So I apologize you, if you were part of my band and I treated you like that. I am sorry.

But, there’s a meaning for talking about the band members now. And the meaning is an extraordinary person I met. Thomas R. Epler. Which I named TrE.

TrE is the man! He didn’t know how to play bass. But was a very successful writer, and man. And that counted so much, because I needed someone strong with me. And I knew I’d be able to teach him all the songs, since I played all the instruments in the recording of the new songs.


I’m not so sure about the timing, but I think this time I was already shinning shoes in the center city of Philadelphia. And I brought Paris Kalamaras to shine shoes with me for extra money, since he was investing hard on his project too. We were helping each other and getting some momentum.

We met some other crooks, people we won’t even bother… but, actually we refer to them in a very hilarious way. We turned betrayal into humor. And I forgave all this people. I really pray so that they heal and get really prosperous in life.

At that time, we created a new movement. We founded Alternative Grunge Philadelphia. The idea was to bring the Grunge music scene back, and be the pioneers. That would open all the doors we needed. NOT!

Didn’t happen. But, it certainly opened many doors and we performed a lot during that wave.

Below are some videos and references from it.

Here’s SoulsilenS’ promo video:
(Important to credit Jaci Bates, my cousin’s wife for editing and presenting us with her talent and care.)

By the way Jaci and Jorge went to almost every show we played! And they have no clue how much they were doing! That still means a lot to me! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The video:

Alternative Grunge also provided us with some funny acting, leading Paris and I to a very profitable Hollywood comedy career. NOT!

Here’s a rare footage from a fan, from when SoulsilenS played at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for the first time.

I couldn’t finish this story without thanking a few people in particular: Euds Ricardo, Cadu Previero, and Marcio Giovani.

Right after I was trying to get back on my feet. This three man extended me their hands and allowed me to their TV shows. Promoting my return to USA, allowing me to go back with promo material and new fans.

Euds Ricardo from the TV show Ecléticomania.
Cadu Previero from the TV show Cadulaque.
Marcio Giovani from the TV show Vivendo de Música.

Unfortunately I only have the Vivendo de Música interview, and I close this vlog with it.

I almost forgot to thank all those awesome fans from Indonesia. Alternative Grunge really allowed us to meet people worldwide and Indonesians were particularly loud about it.

I still admire you all. Thank you for all the support, great talks and demonstration of love!

Well, I was exhausted. At a point my brain fried. And I was forced to take a break from music. I took to many hits and didn’t take a personal time to myself.

But, the story of SoulsilenS doesn’t end here. Read SoulsilenS – Part 3.

Andrei Cesmegi

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